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    Ups Router Board-X Bx 10000P


    ( تشتغل من 7 إلى 9 ساعات على مكنة الإنترنت)مكفولة ثلاثة أشهر With Li-battery: 10000 DC Output: 9V/12V selectable POE port 15V/24V selectable Input Voltage:100V – 240V AC Battery capacity display LED Mini DC UPS 10000 mAh POE-430P Constant DC output, long backup time . smart chip control zero transition

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    Power bank Kin Vale 40000mAh


    model: v1104 battery type: polymer shell material: abs + pc battery capacity : 40000mAh micro input: dc 5v/2.1a(max) type-c input:dc 5v/2.1a(max) usb 1 output dc 5v/2.1a(max) usb 2 output: dc 5v/2.1a(max) product size : 144*68*53mm

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    Power Bank Sky Dolphin 10000Mah


    mode: sp32 size: 16x68x140mm weight:215g color: black x white input: dc5v 2a supports micro input and type-c input  output power: dual usb dc5v/2.1 a standard 2.4a cell: a product palymer cell  10000mAh 300 cycles  remaining 80% capacity  output efficiency more than 95%